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We promote the growth and enhancement of skills, we support the values of the individual, we believe in internationalization and integration, we build on innovation and excellence in research.

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16,000 people employed with long-term and stable contracts represent a specific choice oriented to career development, to the enhancement of professional skills and to the appreciation of the person. Indesit Company regularly trains its human capital through courses, training-on-the-job and e-learning to improve performances and facilitate integration.

69 spoken languages, the average of 39 years of age. A young and international company, which believes in diversity but is unified by a common vision and the identity of values.

600 people dedicated to research. A constantly growing strength to support our focus on technological innovation, design and environmental responsibility.

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Indesit Company has a corporate governance system in line with the principles of both the Borsa Italiana's "Code of Conduct for Listed Companies" and the international best practice.

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Indesit Company employees work in Italy as well as in international locations, mostly situated in Western and Eastern Europe.

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