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lettera del presidente Indesit

2010 was a very positive for our enterprise and this shows how the measures we took to respond to the difficult market situation were the right ones.

We are satisfied with the work done and the results tell us that our organization is solid and efficient. We are growing at high rates well above market average and keeping our profitability at levels of excellence.
As in 2010, this year too we will continue to ensure that the Group consolidates its competitive advantages: we will protect financial solidity, our priority and the only guarantee of independence, and we will step up our investments in new products and advertising, a vitally important instrument for the growth of our enterprise.
Technological innovation will continue, as ever, to play a key roll, as it has enabled us to develop high quality products that are increasingly eco-compatible and ideal for our customers' needs. This commitment to creating value through innovation, our registration of patents and high levels of investment in research and development earned us the prestigious "Confindustria Award for Excellence" in 2010.
While it cannot be denied that markets are continuing to experience uncertainties, our people have already demonstrated their capacity to react to change, rapidly and effectively. Their dedication and professionalism, together with our rock-firm economic and financial structure and unyielding heritage of values, enable us to look confidently at future developments.

The chairman

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